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Grateful to see another year! #thisis34ย 

Mama hit 34 yesterday and I gotta say...Im really loving who Im becoming ๐Ÿ˜.

I woke up to baby laughs in bed and sweet nothings in my ear. Then I sat on my patio with my vape and really dissected my last 34 years. And the word gratitude came to mind... Im grateful for evolution of mind and soul...the body will come eventually I guess cause this post baby pouch is stubborn af ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Im grateful for my angels and ancestors guiding me . Im gratefull for love in all its forms. Im grateful for lessons learned. Im Grateful for my family and friends, I know without them I wouldve sunk long time ago. Im grateful for my organs and their functionality. Im grateful for healing. Grateful for my husband.

Im grateful for my sonshine. Grateful for my accompolishments... I am grateful for being a wife, mother, and homwowner. I'm grateful for being a published entertainment journalist, a relationship columnist; an Amazon Best Selling author... "Harpo who dis' woman?" LOL And I dont want this to come off braggy cause Im not even the type, but dammit Im proud of me! I survived so much, and I know it was only God that has kept me covered. I've been scratching things off of my 2016 vision board and it is so satisfying and now that we're headed into 2020, the vision couldnt be more clear.

Do you practice gratitude? If so, ( and if not) what are you grateful for on today?

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