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Whew chi-le! My First time back on the media circuit featuring Beauties with Brains

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

First and foremost, thank you for stopping by and reading my very first blog post in three years!

Yes! It has been a legit three years since I've been on the media circuit. And those three years on hiatus was a blessed whirlwind. I got married, my husband and I bought our first home, and then we welcomed our baby boy into the yeah basically...I'm tired boss.

But when I got the opportunity to attend (and interview) the Beauties with Brains event featuring keynote speaker Iyanla Vanzant, I knew it was a sign from the Universe to get my butt back out there and receive any gems that the cosmos were offering. And receive them I did!

I'll admit, the only reason I was attending in the first place was for Ms. Iyanla ( that's what I call her because, yes, I still respect my elders), no shame. However, I had the pleasure of meeting three of the supporting speakers, and I was utterly inspired and uplifted by their stories. Like Colandra McDowell, author of the book If I Am Not My Hair, Who Am I? Colandra shares her journey of beating cancer and her newfound identity as a survivor. Chills you guys, chills. I honestly cannot wait to read her book.

And secondly, LaShawn Thompson, The First Lady of World Overcomers Church and founder of the international non-profit Projects for Hope. Even though her life-story begins in a dark place, her light is so bright, it is difficult not to be drawn to her and her cause. And let me be clear, I am very picky about churches and pastors. My discernment will not allow any nonsense into my spirit. After meeting First Lady LaShawn, I think it is definitely worth taking a trip to see what else World Overcomers Christian Church has to offer.

Lastly, Eva Perry. A certified brand boss working with household names such as, Over Booked Entertainment, and Sony Pictures. We rapped briefly about what it takes to be a #girlboss and the steps she decided to take to start her business and sustaining it. Her tip for aspiring girl bosses...simply put, "networking is key." And I couldn't agree more.

After meeting these ladies, I really could've gone home and still been satisfied with how I spent my evening ( hello Mama was off-the-clock!), so interviewing Ms. Iyanla was really icing on the cake. But I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous. You've seen "Iyanla, Fix My Life," right? Ms. Iyanla is straight no chaser when it comes to her clients, and I didn't know how she would feel about journalists, mainly because we were limited to only two questions and no sit down one on one interviews.

Hell, we couldn't even get a selfie with her :( But I am happy to report that my good sis welcomed us with open arms and dropped some major gems when asked about the fast approaching "cuffing season". Take a look at a clip below:

A certified message, ok! But I cannot mention all of these lovely women without mentioning the organizer who brought them all together, founder of the Beauties with Brains Brand, Indira Felder, sitting gracefully next to Ms. Iyanla in the video above. It is incredibly inspiring seeing young women with passion and drive of her magnitude. And the fact that this is the third annual event, I don't see her stopping anytime soon! I'll definitely be chatting her up at a later date to find out more about this impressive young lady because baby girl is definitely going places!

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