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New Year, New Word But First...

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Happy New Year guys!


Your girl was in bed by 8 pm ok. And I know we're supposed to have all these great reflections on the previous year, especially for the 'first post of the year', but the truth is, 2019 "ain't been no crystal stairs." "It had tacks in it... splinters...and boards torn up. And places with no carpet on the floor..." No seriously, my laundry room flooded and while dealing with insurance, my laundry room floor, and our guest room and part of the hall were--bare. But more notably, my physical health wasn't so hot either. I took this trying to find beauty in the struggle of it all...

My 2019 summed up in this one pic. I was literally being held together by velcro. My back went out because my abs separated after giving birth (more on that on my mommy IG page @mama.woman). Then I tore my meniscus and ACL in a freak accident that required surgery + recovery + I had an infant (whose now a man-baby and completely amazing!). And to top it all off, a healthy dose of postpartum depression. Sheesh right?! I felt like I was being punished for having such the progressional year in 2018, that now I had officially been added to 2019's hit list.


Shots fired. It got my attention to say the least. It made me realize how I was NOT taking care of myself as I should. Not my physical, emotional, nor my mental health. As long as my son was good, I could care less about anything else. Which obviously doesn't serve anyone for real. Not even my son in the long run. I had to figure this thing out.

I had to organize my thoughts, my business, my cabinets ( it gave me the worse anxiety) basically my entire life. I had this new role as a Mommy and my old role as being an entrepreneur and merging the two worlds had to be strategic. The upside: This compartmentalization made me more focused, more disciplined. I felt my strength coming back and as soon as I began making these small efforts, opportunities began to come in. I even used physical therapy as a motivational tool. It was like a metaphor for getting my life/career back on track, not just my knee. May sound crazy, but when you have to learn how to ride a bike again, literally, it really puts things into perspective.

But I've ranted enough, my word for 2020 is ORGANIZATION.

What's yours?

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